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Onsite Pharmacy Representative

Experience innovation in action and immediate response when it counts. Our Registered Pharmacy Technician working onsite, combined with our Automated Dispensing Cabinets gives you a virtual pharmacy right in your LTC home.

Our registered staff supporting your team will release more time for resident care.

See how an onsite team can make a difference in safety and support. Leave it to us to:

  • Keep medications safely onsite – so it’s ready when you need it.

  • Supervise, maintain and restock the Automated Dispensing Cabinets

  • Oversee medication management - from physicians order to drug destruction. We’ll maintain quality standards on an ongoing basis

  • Facilitate communication for clarification of orders and pharmacist input. We can answer medication questions from your staff, your residents and their family

24/7 access to an award winning licensed pharmacist is always just a phone call away

Experience unprecedented 24/7 support with a dedicated team of advanced and geriatric trained pharmacists. Our team will review all medication orders, even after pharmacy hours, complete all medication reviews and all medication reconciliation on admission, readmission or external specialist and ER visits.  Depend on our expertise to:

  • Perform clinical drug utilization evaluation on all new physician orders

  • Regularly review all residents’ medications for safety and efficacy

  • Be part of the team and stay involved with meetings, individual resident care conferences and committee participation where our input is needed

  • Communicate with physicians to provide enhanced prescribing and medication reviews


Onsite Medication Access

CareRx Hogan is the first long term care dedicated pharmacy in Canada to implement automated dispensing cabinets. Our solution for LTC models the approach used in 80% of acute care in Canada. It’s a best practice proven over and over again in the United States LTC sector. It’s supported by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a more secure storage method for narcotics and first dose medications.

  • Eliminate shift counts and monthly audits of count sheets.  Every dose removed is tracked virtually with biometric login.

  • Virtually eliminate the chance of drug diversion from the medication storage system.

  • Have new medications available for your residents, when they need them!  No more waiting for late deliveries.

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