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Our goal is to offer long term care and retirement
homes a better model. One where working together,
we can create an exceptional experience for
residents and their families.

Our Mission

Delivering a unique pharmacy partnership with a sustainable model that utilizes innovation to provide superior resident care.

Our Vision

To transform the pharmacy model for long term care and retirement homes with
an innovative approach, where the homes are true partners and residents can expect excellence in service and care.


Our Values

Innovation: We embrace innovation and constantly look for ways to make things better. Whether its adopting new technology or improving a process, our goal is
to deliver the best resident care possible.


Integrity: Resident care always comes first. We see our duties as a pharmacy team as an honour, and promise to always do the right thing for the people we serve.


Reliability: We strive to deliver comfort and peace of mind with every medication we dispense. We will be there to deliver what our partners and residents need
when they need it.


Excellence: We want our partners and their residents to have positive, healthy outcomes from the service we provide. We invest in the right people, training
and technology to ensure our service and advice is the best it can be.


Partnership: We are true partners with the homes we serve. In every sense,
we stand together as part of the same team, with the same goal of excellence in resident care.

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