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Meet the Hogan Pharmacy Partners Ltd Executive Team

Darryl Moore, R.Ph., B.Sc.Phm

President and Owner

Darryl Moore is a partner in Hogan Pharmacy Group, co-owning and operating eight pharmacies along with related medical and strip mall commercial properties in Sarnia, Chatham, Petrolia, and Collingwood.


In 2004, he started a new independent pharmacy with partner Jeff Churchman, and over the last decade he and Jeff have grown their pharmacy operations through new starts, acquisitions, organic growth and expansion into new clinical areas including hospice palliative care, addiction, anticoagulant (INR) monitoring, immunizations, and mobility supplies/fittings.


A graduate of Dalhousie University School of Pharmacy in 1996, Darryl is a committed advocate for the profession. He has served on the board and several committees at the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association (OPA), including Chair of the Board from 2011 to 2012, and currently chairs the Methadone and Addiction Medicine Committee and the Owners’ Council. Darryl has also lent his expertise through appointment by the Minister of Health to the Narcotic Advisory Panel in 2011, and introduced the latest legislation designed to help curb opioid addiction, the Narcotic Monitoring System. He continues these efforts through the Narcotic Monitoring Working Group.


Becky Agar, RPh, BSc.Phm

Vice President

Becky Agar graduated from the University of Toronto in 1996, and began her career in pharmacy with Shoppers Drug Mart.  In 2003, she transitioned to hospital pharmacy, eventually specializing in Intensive Care and Respirology, and acted as a national patient advocate for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.  In 2013, she joined North West Telepharmacy as a regional site lead and project manager overseeing telepharmacy services for 6 hospitals across Ontario.


Becky has published multiple articles on pharmacy operations, and has received numerous awards for her pharmacy technology solutions that improved patient safety.  With her advanced experience in pharmacy technologies, project management and pharmacy operations, Becky oversees the expansion of the innovative Hogan Pharmacy Partners model to long-term care and retirement facilities across Ontario.


In her spare time, Becky acts as an academic advisor for Future Project, a company that assists students with international post-secondary educational opportunities.

Jeff Churchman, R.Ph, BScPhm


Jeff Churchman, a pharmacy graduate of U of T (1981), also started his career as an associate/owner at Shoppers Drug Mart. After dedicating 6 years to the franchise, Jeff started the Hogan’s Pharmacy Group with his purchase of Hogan Pharmacy in 1988.


Over the following 26 years at Hogan, Jeff expanded into many niche markets including Long Term Care pharmacy, IV infusion for CCAC, and services to Hospice Palliative Care and the local correctional facility. He purchased other pharmacies in the region and ultimately partnered with Darryl in 2004 to help operate and support his expanding business.


Even with this successful growth, Jeff and Darryl believe in the importance of strong involvement in each community they service through participation and sponsorship. Together they foster a culture of excellence in customer service, leading their 120+ employees by example and hands on management.

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